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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Well ...

I am currently reading Elizabeth Jolley's novel, The Well, and I am now  desperate to finish it!  While I have a rather love/hate relationship with the characters, I NEED to know what the 'deal' is with the man in the well!!  I think that, in real life, I would actually intensely dislike both Hester and Katherine, but as characters, they are appealing.  I enjoy the suspense of the tale, that while the 'crime' was revealed in the first chapter, the circumstances surrounding it are withheld.  Both Hester and Katherine are dysfunctional, isolated and repressed, and their relationship is one of disturbing dependence.  I am keen to seek the resolution to this dark story!


  1. I will hunt this out Gina - I love a novel where the characters fail to fit into 'neat' categories. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me with your blog. Love your passion

  2. Well, I have finished The Well, but I won't comment until you have read it ... I'll loan you my copy if you are keen :) And then we can discuss where it leads ....