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Thursday, August 26, 2010

ordinary courage ....

I am looking forward to some discussion in my Writing class tomorrow, following the presentation by Donna Mulhearn today.  Her story on her experiences as a peace activist and human shield in Iraq in 2003 has certainly provided lots of information and ideas for reflection and creativity, as well as the way we view ourselves and our lives.  I am also keen to pick up on MLKs 'I have a dream' speech with the class now - perfect reference today - and explore its message with some new insights and ideas.  And of course, I will be seeking out Mulhearn's book, 'Ordinary Courage' to read!


  1. I bet you weren't looking forward to a class discussion like the one we had!!!!! Hahahahaha. Wowee it was interesting!
    But Donna Mulhearn was amazing and i really enjoyed listening to her story- she had me in tears.. I cant wait to read her book...

  2. I thought it was brilliant ... I'm proud to see people so informed and passionate!!!

  3. Thanks for this! I really enjoyed the discussion- i love the fact that we all had different beliefs and feelings behind these issues. The chance to talk about and share is not something you get everyday.
    It made me think about where we gain our own person values from - parents? teachers? How is it that a class can be so divided on a issue...?? Because we each have our own personal contexts i guess!
    A mature discussion, where all opinions are taken seriously is a gift. Thankyou.
    Lets do it again sometime.

  4. Jasz, you have made me teary! And I don't meant to be flippant! It was inspiring, amazing .. and I too am affected by the diversity of opinions ... I do hope we get another chance for such a discussion, but it's not every day you get a Donna Mulhearn to spark such reflection :)

  5. I needed my own human shield from the 'wall of text' that was thrown at me during this forsaken week.