Reading and Rambling

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bach by Candlelight

Atmospheric .... the glorious Christ Church in Longford, surrounded by candles, listening to the divine music of JS Bach on flute and harpsichord. Outside, the darkness and the rain provide a soothing background, making one feel like they are in a heavenly cocoon, transported from everyday life.  What a sublime experience, such a balm for the soul ... exquisite!


  1. that sounds so perfect!

  2. Gary and I love this blog Gina.
    That's me above too, but i forgot to put my name :)
    Fee xx

  3. wow you are braver than i facing the elements n the dark to travel... but how i envy the fruits of your endeavours - that must have been a lovely experience .
    the photo of the library above reminds me of at least a dozen stories - very cool.

  4. this sounds interesting! I am intruiged..