Reading and Rambling

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The present ...

Things are a little (no, no ... what am I saying?  I mean extremely!!) hectic with marking and reports but I have finished reading The Well ... hmmm ... will elaborate (and scream) in due course.  Have also finished Georgia Blain's Darkwater - loved it - and just commenced reading John Harding's Florence and Giles.  Apart from the engaging names in the title, and a very unusual (very stark) visual book cover, I think this one is very 'me': elements of history (19th century), 'crumbling mansions', ghosts and mysteries .... I hope it lives up to expectations!!!  It is a much anticipated escape from the drudgery and stress of teaching and reporting at this torturous end of second term ....


  1. Everytime i read your blog it makes me feel guilty for not reading more books!! Haha :)
    I am interested to see what florence and giles is like, it sounds interesting :)

  2. Thanks, Makayla ... I'm still getting into it. The style is very different - first person 'bookish' child narrator, who uses lots of invented words in her personally styled vocabulary: 'Suddenly my existence was uncosied', 'I lonelied my way around the big house', 'a house uncomfortabled and shabbied' etc etc ... that is, she turns nouns into verbs. Whilst they are all rather lovely words, I find myself halting each time I recognise one - which is a little disconcerting in the flow of reading - but I hope I will get used to it and not continue to be distracted by it.

  3. Gina - I love your blog - it is becoming my holiday reading list