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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A favourite ...

I should start with this fantastic novel, given that it is enjoying its 50th anniversary since publication.  I loved so many elements of Harper Lee's story - the childhood persective of Scout, the way it made me laugh out loud, the insights into the historical and social context, and the serious issues it explores, which are still so relevant.  I also find it so intriguing that this was Lee's only novel and her life since has become one of a recluse.  I am excited to have procured a copy of Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee .. it's on my 'must read' list!  It is also fantastic to have one of my gifted Year 8 English students reading and studying this book; it gives me an opportunity to revisit the characters, events and ideas.  I miss teaching TKM in Year 10 English ... I have many wonderful memories of students that I have taught ... notably those lovely Bound sisters x x x  I love the film, which captures the characters and setting in just the way I envisioned them.  And lastly ... my two cats are named Jem and Scout !!!

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