Reading and Rambling

Monday, December 6, 2010

A tough day ....

Today I attended the funeral of a four year old boy who lost his courageous battle with cancer last Wednesday.  I do not think that words can come close to expressing the emotions I experienced and witnessed today.  What I saw was a beautiful little boy with a great big smile who has lived and loved so fully for his short time on earth.  I have seen a family who have shown such love, devotion and courage to this amazing little boy ... it breaks my heart.  It breaks my heart to see their loss, and I wonder why ... why him and why them?  As the mother of my own four year old son, it has affected me deeply.  I keep thinking of words, images and sounds that I absorbed today, and I make connections between Charlie and Liam - their love of toy catalogues, Thomas the Tank Engine, cuddles, stories, swimming, family ......... my heart breaks for this beautiful family and that adorable little boy who fought so hard.  RIP, Charlie, you are free to run and play and laugh forever now in heaven.


  1. You said that so beautifully Gina.. Such a beautiful service, but oh so tough to witness. I can't even imagine how Zoe and her family were feeling.. Rest in peace Charlie xxxx

  2. so sad. reading this made me cry. beautifully written Gina.