Reading and Rambling

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holidays!!! Time to Read!!!

So at last, I am on holiday.  Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ...   Results are done and scores have been sent ... overall, a fantastic set of awards. I am such a happy mother hen :)

So now it is time to READ!!!   Hallelujah!

I just do not really know where to start...   Currently I am reading Joanne Harris' Blue Eyed Boy - so different, so engaging, so disturbing - I love it!!

Just received Chris Womersley's Bereft in the post today.  Don't you love it when you order a book online, forget, and then it arrives??  I do!!

And there are so many others piled up, waiting in the wings ... five weeks will not be enough, but I will do my best to devour as many as I can.  I LOVE summer holidays <3 <3 <3


  1. Happy reading Gina :)

    From Fee x

  2. ahhhh holidays... perfect time to read! <3 it!! happy reading! :) xx

  3. thank you <3 It is a little slow at the moment, though ... must devote more time to it!!!!