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Monday, November 29, 2010

I am not allowed to ...

This is my version of a writing exercise I once gave my students :)  It's very therapeutic!!!

I am not allowed to ….

Eat Pringles for breakfast
Listen to loud music when my children want peace and quiet
Drink a bottle of wine every night 
Ram into cars that do less than 110kmh down the southern outlet  
Accept free tickets to bands from young girls 
Burn students’ assignments because I can’t be bothered marking them
Go swimming at the gorge after midnight
Ignore my mother’s text messages
Flirt with hot guys because I am married 
Run away to France for a year 
Keep a dragon as a pet 
Be facebook friends with students till Dec 31
Make voodoo dolls of people
Eat my children just because they look delicious
Tell students what I really think of them 
Buy myself Christmas presents
Buy a new Volvo V50 wagon 
Marry Eddie Vedder … apparently ?  (well, maybe I will)

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