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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Distant Hours

   Kate Morton - I love you!  And I love this book!!!  Much awaited, this book is sooo much 'my thing' - historical fiction, past and present stories, gothic castles and a slowly unravelling mystery.  I am engrossed, so keen to continue to turn the pages and yet I do not want it to end!!  It took me a short while to engage with the narrator, Edie Burchill, and yet I now so accept her, and believe her, and 'like' her.  While I am frustrated by her relationship with her mother, I am sure that this difficult habitude will reach a point of amiability, and feel that an ultimate openness between Edie and her mother will be a necessary element in the conclusion of this story.  I am so loving reading this fantastic story :)


  1. Hi Gina, I just finished that book too!! It was really good. Have you read her others? I highly recommend 'the forgotten garden' ( I think that's what it was called) anyway it will be listed in the front of your book. I've only read those two of hers but after reading 'The Forgotten Garden' I deliberately looked for her others and therefor found The Distant Hours when it released. I'd love to read her others! Maranda Graham (Makayla's mum).

  2. Thank you, Maranda - how special it is to have you comment on my blog :) I have read Kate Morton's first two novels and adored them both!!! I am still going with The Distant Hours (stringing it out so it does not end!!) She is a lovely writer, and her content is 'right up my alley' ie historical fiction, and all the mystery, drama, past-present, unravelling and of course, the beautiful settings that are part of her stories. I am glad you love them too :) Hope life is well for you all x x x

  3. Shifting Fog is her other one - also fabulous!