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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wonders of a Godless World ....

I am not entirely sure, but I fear that I might hate this book by Andrew McGahan...

Narrated by an orphan girl, living in the mental hospital where her mother died, a new patient arrives - with bizarre and disturbing consequences.  This 'foreigner' is a comatose man, burnt all over, and yet he communicates with the orphan (who cannot remember her own name, let alone anyone else's) telepathically.  He leads her into out of body journeys to explore space and the inner earth, 'teaching' her about volcanoes and floods, and revealing the story of his own lives (so far he has died two times).  And it goes ....

So ....          ? ! ? ! ?

I find the foreigner an unlikeable character, and I am not sure of his motivations just yet ... although he has led the orphan to encourage (by thought transferance) an insane man to attack a man with a pitchfork, so not altogether of good intentions, I suspect.  I feel sorry for the ugly and simple orphan in the story, and yet she is also difficult to like ...

It is difficult to persevere with this weird and disturbing story, and yet I feel compelled to see it through and find out how it concludes ... though heaven help me if it is an unresolved ending!!!


  1. Wowee that sounds weird!! Please let us know how this one goes!!!
    And um - WHERE is my bruny island post as promised!?? ;)

  2. Shaun has finally left his camera and lead ... so I WILL get onto it :)