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Thursday, August 4, 2011

How long has it been ???

OMG! I can't believe how long it has been since I posted anything ... oh dear, where to start????  Perhaps I should go backwards.  

Tonight I have to find something new to read, as I have just finished Chris Womersley's Bereft.  I really enjoyed this novel - I had started it a few times and kept putting down, but finally 'got into it'.  It was certainly tragic and rather heartwarming, and one I recommend :)

I have also recently read a young adult novel, The Visconti House .. a rather delightful little story of discovering the history of a house, friendship and belonging.  Rather sweet, and I enjoyed it - when I remembered not to read it as an adult !

Before that?  I can hardly remember .... Jon McGregor's Even the Dogs - so different to what I usually read, a narrative about a group of drug abusers, death and societal exclusion.  I found this in the library with my students, gathering ideas and texts on ideas and issues.  I myself decided to explore the idea of living on the fringes of society, and this novel was certainly about that!!!  Although I confess I am yet to go back and finish it - not the norm for me - it was intriguing, and the style of writing reflected the addictive, repetitive and impoverished experiences of the characters ....

My writing has been fragmented - odd inspirations, but as it is the dreaded result and report writing time (meh!) I have not been particularly productive!  But I will, I will ....

Good news is that I have my new desk - yay!!!! - and have (sort of) moved into my new study library :)   So once these horrid reports are out of the way, I plan to be BACK!

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