Reading and Rambling

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hello blog,

Remember me??? I am sorry I have been so neglectful x x  I have to admit that I have not been reading enough, and I certainly have not been writing :( 

What am I reading?? Well, after many false starts on Extremely Close, Incredibly Loud and Bereft, for example, I have finally settled on Katherine Webb's The Legacy.  It is an historical fiction novel, which I love, and it has engaged me with its past-present structure that develops the plot in an intriguing style.  I do enjoy the classic past-present, and look forward to the fusion of plot lines :)  Naturally, I love the setting of Stornton Manor, an old mansion with history yet to be fully revealed, including the past story of Caroline and the present narrative of sisters, Erica and Beth, and the mystery of what happened to cousin Henry .....

I MUST make an effort to progress with my reading ... only two weeks left of holidays :( !!!!


  1. I feel like i have neglected my blog all year! It is a good way to document stuff if i can ever be bothered!
    Can't believe you are hardly reading either! i have read one and a half books!!! poor effort! but i guess because the weather is so lovely it is silly to be inside reading...
    Look forward to some more writing on here!!

  2. hmmm ... I will make an effort to produce ...something!!!!!