Reading and Rambling

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Truth ...

I have just finished reading Peter Temple's Miles Franklin Award winning novel, Truth.  While I am not normally an avid reader of crime fiction (apart from my love of Patricia Cornwell), I did really engage with this story.  I loved the vivid Melbourne setting, and although I found the large number of characters a little challenging to keep up with, it was a fantastic story.  The portrayal of characters was believable and human; I liked that it was not ALL happy endings, and yet the narrative provided a satisfactory resolution to the plot lines.  Lots of complexities and subplots - a recommended read!   My only gripe was an error early on: 'women' instead of 'woman' - cannot help but get stuck on such mistakes  :(

What to read tonight?  I need to select from the substantial pile next to my bed ... perhaps Pearl in a Cage?


  1. Can you please provide a page number for the mistake? Thanks.

  2. sure ... p 29, just over halfway down: "a women found dead in an apartment ...". Can I ask why? :)