Reading and Rambling

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New books!

I love buying new books, and have now added Peter Temple's Truth and Still Alice, by Lisa Genova, to my collection, as well as the latest Joanne Harris novel, Blue Eyed Boy.  I always become so engrossed in Harris' tales, and look forward to reading this one.  

I cannot wait for our new house extension to be completed, so that I can create my library/study - although sadly, it won't warrant one of those ladders that roll along to reach the higher shelves ... still, I am excited about creating a new book haven for myself, building some new shelves and organising my very own library.


  1. your library sounds very cool :)

  2. the desk is the one I am going to buy to put in my new library/study :)

  3. Damn, those ladders are AMAZING. When I get a huge Harry Potter-esque library, those ladders will be the first installation!

  4. well, maybe I WILL get a ladder ... just for fun (after all, I am not very tall)